so long&farewell my 2 happiness gas
posted on Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 3:13 PM | 0 cmnt/s

Assalamualaikum, let's get straight to the point shall we. but b4 that, I would like to wish yall HAPPY HOLIDAYS YASSSSSSSSSS. 3 minggu beb ;) Don't forget to do your homeworks ((note to self)) Sorry for being busy ((not really)) I'm not really into updating my blog. That's why, kah. Ok mcm today's tittle, my 2 happiness gas is going to Matriks tomorrow. Orang pandai kemana pun boleh sampai and congratulations for your flying colours results! I'm so proud of you guys.

The 2 lucky girls are Kak Ainy Mahmudah&Kak Husna Halim. You can imagine dem both by just hearing their names. You guys might imagine dem to be so nice, cute, polite, bright&other good things. Well, actually not. HAHA #sorrynotsorry. They are so loud&noisy as hell. They have pretty faces but they didn't used them, instead they use ugly expressions. Taktau malu&asyik nak gossip. Childish&fun to hangout with YET they are so bright&beautiful just the way they are ((acah)) hahah

Kak Ainy she's so petite, humble, bright&what I physically love the most about her is her teeth! HAHAH idk but it is so comel... I used to have that kind of teeth but then the dentist pull it out. I'm literally so mad at the dentist >:( Not to forget she's loud&noisy like I said b4. Umur 18 tapi fizikal&mental macam umur 6 tahun HAHA. Makan banyak biar gemuk sikit.

Kak Husna she's so tall, bright, humble&what I physically love the most about her is her cheekbones! SO DEM TALL kau. Kalah IKEA meatballs, serious. No kidding. She's like Kak Ainy's other side of butt. You can't have only one sided butt. You must have a pair of butt or else you'll be walking around&looking like a retarded seal. I wonder how can Kak Una be that tall. Tips needed ok Kak Una?

To both of you, study hard&make us proud again. Do take a good care of yoself&never forget us right here. My prayers are all with you guys. I know you can do it because you guys are SO DEM, SO HELL PANDAI. I envy that. Don't ever broke your friendship because together, you guys made many lifes good. Nanti korang balik kita jenjalan bersama okay. Goodluck&may you succeed in life and your future. Cepat2 kahwin HAHAHAH. Love you 2 pain in the ass so much. Farewell!

Thank you for the effort. Thank you for paying us a visit at school, untungnya dah habis sekolah :(
We  you, always ((acah lagi)) HAHA
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