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Hi Assalamualaikum and welcome to a whole new year,2014. Alhamdulillah I still had the chance to live my life, to learn the valueable things in life and alhamdulillah that I'm now 16. Well not really. Actually, I'm 15 years and 9 months old ha ha whatever. I can't stop saying alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah to God because I managed to got straight A's for my PMR. I know it's a bit too late. I'v been busy okayyy (not) huhu

It never felt real. I mean, me???? getting 8As it's like gahhhhhh I can't describe it. So blessed and happy. Syukur, alhamdulillah ya Allah thank you I'm so grateful. Ok so yea, since now I'm 16, and there's a whole new syllabus waiting. Shit. I just had my UKD1 and my results sucks. Addmaths and physics were pretty tough tho. I don't understand, why must we make a freaking long essay?????? It's not like we're going to do it when we have our own career. Goshhhh, so stressful >:(

I guess it's right what people said, "Form 3 was the best year of my life" Yea. I can now understand that clearly. Most of my bestfriend had gone to boarding school, I miss Azri, Nik, Hasanul, Feefy, Munir, Saddiq, Amin. I really do miss them. Could still remember on 2nd of Feb 14' if I'm not mistaken. Us (Me, eva, far, nik, imran, azri, amir, ihsan, munir) went to MidValley and we played Galatic Laser. I miss that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

Oh and remembered that I've always wanted Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Imagine Dragons to come to Malaysia. Well, Miss Taylor is coming on this 11th of June and I don't think I'll be going because the ticket is so sick expensive plus I've spent my dad's so much just for school things.......... I just felt like I'm a burden so nahhhh. Maybe it was planned this way. Yes, I'm sad. Taylor Swift is like my celeb struck since like ever but I can't bare to burden my dad anymore. hmmm

Plus, handball tournament is approaching. The training made my face burned and I now looked like nigga. Half white half black aigoo haha. Nevermind, a few days ahead. Then I've to find a way to make my face look like usual. Broken english alerted. Lol whatever. Bye and have a nice day:-)
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