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Hi, Assalamualaikum readers. How are you? I hope yall are in a good health because I am haha wtv. So yea.... since it's 2:22am and I'm still awake, why don't I just update a quick post. Firstly I would like to make an announcement *drumrolls* PMR has ended! I repeat, PMR has ended! *relieved* *jumping up&down* hahaha. Anywaysss, school holidays is approaching eventho we ((form 3 studs)) dah lama buat cuti sendiri kahkahkah and the most surprisingly part is I just can't feel the "JOY" ugh stressful yet I feel so lifeless. All I did was watching tv, sleeping till afternoon, gaining fat, 24/7 with my babyba ((my phone)) now, that's the definition of lifeless. I really need to do something with my life man, no joke.

Next, I've been missing him for so long. It's been awhile since we last met. Can't help it but yes I do miss Nashriq. My guy bestfriend yet my bighandsometallskinnybrotherloversoulheartappleberryjuice hahahaha k enough2. Sorry gedik pepagi buta hm.. I know you're busy working and I'm totally fine with that. But aaaahhhhhh if only I could meet you right now. Nevermind, sleep tight my intan payung baldi besen mangkuk eventho I know you'll probably be sleeping at 6am......

Furthermore, ceh macam buat karangan BI hahah. Well last last last last week, Semekad's bicara berirama-ians participated a competition. It's a bit like choral speaking but in Malay version ha kurlassssss kan. So, we went for the first level which was Zon Pudu and yea we won the 3rd place & we head home with pride lol haha. After afew weeks, we've been told that we're qualified for the next level which was peringkat Negeri. That's huge, markah koko banyak wooo haha. The theme was about 'Integriti'

At first, we're all like jumping excitedly but then it came to a disaster where it lead us to a final option which was tarik diri because we're so sure that we are not gonna make it. It left us with 10 days to practice and we haven't done anything & by that I mean like the uniforms, members, SCRIPT. You must be kidding me. 10 days on the count.... peringkat Negeri..... and the script are not done..... not even a single dot....... but alhamdulillah we have the most incredible teachers. Eventho sometimes they really piss me off with their harsh words, their annoying attitude but seriously no doubt that their the best!! A major big creds goes to Pn. Norhana, Pn. Samehah & Pn. Rosmani.

We took about 4 days to actually finish the script and with 6 remaining days. We practice our heart out. From 7am till 6pm till the very last bit dan berkat kerja keras kami. We managed to get the fourth place. Saingan sangat sangat sengit. Tak hairan la kami dapat nombor 4. Kami sangat2 bersyukur. Fyi, sepatutnya Semekad could definitely win this. I mean 3rd place la but because of some technical mental people probs (( the not so fair judge )) haha we got num 4. Ok whatttt haha

and alhamdulillah! I felt so blessed and grateful because I won the 3rd place for the "Best Conductor Award" I don't care if it's the third or the fourth or wtv place but that's freaking cool. I almost can't believe myself....... Seriously???? I'm the 3rd best conductor here in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and etc........ THAT'S HUGE hahahaha alhamdulillah. It was worth the cries, it was worth the scold, it was worth the tired, it was worth the time. It was paid off. Eventho we didn't place ourselves a trophy and we might not be the top three but honestly without them, I could never got this far. I'm so blessed to have my team. They're the best! Haha I love them to the moon and around the moon and back to earth *hambar*

I guess that's all for now. I'm sleepy so yea, goodbye and goodnight. Sleep well, oh and btw for those who are sitting for spm. Best of luck & your success will always be in my doa. May Allah shower you with all of His blessings. Tq bye2 :))

p/s; enjoy the photos
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